Counsellors Together - Testimonials

"Vanda saved our marriage. After my husband's mental breakdown and our resulting separation, she helped us relearn how to communicate, trust, understand and respect eachother. Over 7 months, Vanda taught us our mistakes are not as important as our determination to make this work here and now. Vanda is nothing short of a miracle worker. Was there anytime we needed her, not just at scheduled sessions. We're actually quite sad to not need her anymore!!!"
"I am coming to the end of my course of sessions and I have to say they have been a great help. Mark has helped me to understand certain situations and to face everything with an open mind. My counsellor and counsellors together have provided me with some great tools that I will take me with me and I’m sure they will benefit me in the future. In all my sessions and my initial consultation I felt listened to and taken seriously. All in all it has been a great experience and I’m glad I took the step to get some support."
"I saw Vanda for a few months and she was brilliant! So kind, so compassionate and an incredible help when I was going through a tough time."
Cassie Fisher
"I have used counselling sessions in the past to help with my anxiety/OCD and I have to say Jane is by far the best counsellor I have had by a mile! She took the time and effort too explain to me how CBT worked and taught me how to use it for it to be successful, she also gave me other tactics to deal with my OCD which I have never had before. I always felt previous counsellors just talked at me and never really listened or answered my questions but Jane did which felt like a relief. I would definitely use this service again and would recommend it to anyone having a difficult time. Jane was patient, understanding and very professional. Thank you"
"I found it very helpful, helping me get through lockdown. Very professional and had a lot of time for me. Thank you"
"My counsellor was by far the best I had ever seen. Dan, my counsellor, helped me work through my issues and problems, and now I?m living my life fully and unburdened. Couldn?t praise my counsellor or counsellors together enough. The whole process was refreshing and so helpful compared to other mental health support I have received in the past. It was the first time I felt like my mental health was taken seriously and cared about, especially as a young person. Vanda was brilliant on the phone during my referral process aswell. Would and will be recommending. Thank you ! "
"I have just finished my course with Sarah , I would just like to thank her greatly for the help and support she gave me , this time a few months a go life was bleak but after just 10 sessions I feel so much happier and grounded. This lady is a true angel. Thank you."
Joely Rowe
"A safe place for me to unload about my issues. No judgement, just someone to listen and encouragement for me to find my own solutions. Helped me to get through a tough time. "
Philip Rawson
"I was desperate to see someone as I had a few counsellor was very understanding and his professionalism was first class.I saw him for five sessions and he really helped me.I will be seeing him again in the near future.It takes a lot of courage to talk about your life but I felt at ease with him all the time.Thank you."
Vicky Baxter
"I cannot thank Vanda enough for giving my son Jake his smile and happiness back. Jake felt so relaxed in Vanda?s company and really opened up to her. Vanda?s support, care and love has really filled Jake up with a huge confidence boost for enjoying his life. Thank you so much Vanda...keep up your amazing work! "