How it works for our Student, Qualified & Professional Associate Members Referring Clients to Counsellors Together....


*You need to be a Member of our Service (See our Membership Schemes)

*You will receive 10% of the Clients paying session fee, as a one off payment

*Client needs to complete Assessment and Session 1 to qualify your payment

*Referred Clients need to pay a minimum of £7 per session and a maximum of £35 per session.

*Referred Clients need to complete the on-line Referral form in full and the Client must place your name and position within our organisation, on the 'Referrer's Name, Organisation & Position' sections at the footer of the Referral form to qualify.  (Without this information we are unable to include this as part of the Cross Referral Scheme - we are unable to back date any information, if it missing at the point of receiving the referral)


How it works with Counsellors Together referring paying clients to a Professional Associate Member....

*You need to be a Professional Associate Member (See our Membership Schemes)

*Counsellors Together will refer a paying client to you and will deduct a one off payment of 10% of the agreed Client fee, once the client has completed Assessment and Session 1 with the Professional Associate Member.

*Referred Clients need to pay a minimum of £15 per session and a maximum of £35 per session to see a Professional Associate Member.


Counsellors Together CIC will make the decision on how much the Client fee will be at the time of Assessment, due to individuals financial circumstances.