Members are able to Purchase Room Hire Credits in multiples of 1, 5 & 10, which equate to hours.

Purchasing Room Hire Credits will enable you to receive discounted Room Hire rates.

You must purchase your Room Hire Credits at the beginning of each month, for that month - for example: roll from the 1st to 30th of each month.

We are unable to roll over any un-used Room Hire Credits.

You will need to log all of your room hours, as per the booking system information, so we can reconcile purchased hours to individual bookings.  Logs will need to be submitted on a weekly basis.

Client Cancelations:

If a client cancels, you will need to log this on the log we provide you with.  You will be reimbursed for that 'room credit' if the client is funded.  If the client is a paying client, then you will need to take the 'late cancelation' fee from the client at your next agreed session, you will also need to log this on your log, so the service is aware.